Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Book Cover: Memories of Life in Lhasa under Chinese Rule

Memories of Life in Lhasa is Tubten's
autobiography who was arrested while defending the Dalai lama's palace, and after four years in prisons and labor camps, he spent almost two decades in Lhasa as a requisitioned laborer and 'class enemy'

While searching for images of Potala palace for this cover, i often wondered how the palace is from inside..is it as beautiful as it is on the outside?
This is one of the options that i had done. I tried to move away from the common Red/Black color scheme here, that is often used for such covers.

I often feel that i have a strange connection to monks, to Buddhism. I perceived myself to be looking at the Potala palace and reminiscing my days there. Little did i understand that time that i was creating a "mood" cover. This is one of my few covers that went ahead smoothly.


Saikat said...

Very nice!
First two are quite peaceful and pleasant, perhaps the the red black layout of the third one conveys the intent of the book better... even though it's a bit 'typical' for such topics.

What made you fall back to the same color palette you wanted to avoid?

Mugdha said...

The topic made me stick to the color palette...or lets say the recognition of the colors..

Saikat said...

Haha! that's a nice way to put it!