Monday, March 22, 2010

Book Cover: Nautch Girls of the Raj and Love Stories from the Raj

'To see her is to fall in love,and to drink a cup of wine from the flask of
her lustrous eyes is to be transported to the cosiest corner of heaven.
To be with her even for a moment is to taste immortality'

I enjoyed doing this series of Raj books. The British Raj in India has always fascinated me
where Britishers could afford to have 2 or more wives. Over the centuries female dancers have appeared in various incarnations, frequently as temple dancers dedicated to the Gods, for dance is believed to have divine approval. Her mystique continued during the Raj and her popularity flourished amongst the English sahibs.


Saikat said...

I like both.
Although the color palette, font etc is very different but somehow it reminds me of White Mughals...perhaps because of the subject.

Which one is the final cover?

Mugdha said...

Thanks :-) Both are the final covers. They were a series.