Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Khali Kitaab ka Jadoo

Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting. I remember when we were kids, our calligraphy teacher used to come with his suitcase loaded with different varieties of pens. His favourite student used to make the suitcase a pillow and practice on it.

He once told us how he got frisked at the airport where security thought that the pen was actually a bomb! He landed up doing calligraphy at the airport and describing how he made those pens. I am sure the security personnel were impressed.

I had lost touch with calligraphy but with Hindi books i feel that there is a potential to take my writing further to the next level. Here, i enjoyed writing more than designing the cover.


सत्यानन्द निरुपम said...

bahut khoob!

Shivani Khare said...

Nice One! Gr8 designing and Calligraphy!! All the best Mugdha!

Priyankar said...

behatareen cover design ! badhaai !

Mugdha said...

Thanks everyone :-)